INTRODUCING: Go Outside Family Unit Studies
Go Outside 
Family Unit Studies
Imagine how easy it would be to make family memories if all the kids wanted to Go Outside to explore, play, and learn without you having to be the entertainment committee.  They choose their own adventure while you take a breath of fresh air, guilt-free, and enjoy their company.
  •  How do I find enough time to Go Outside with everyone when work, school assignments, meals, chores, and sleep schedules keep us chained to the house?
  • ​How do I motivate my kids to unplug and go outside?
  • How can I connect with my kids AND encourage them to play independently?
  • How do I make the most of our precious time together?
The Go Outside Family Unit Studies Make it A Breeze!

Each unit will 
  •  Give you the confidence to know you are doing the right thing as a parent
  • ​Spark the natural curiosity of your kids so they WANT to go outside
  • Bring fun and connection to your family
  • ​Give you a stepping stone for letting your kids take the lead 

So you can enjoy your time outside without planning, supervising every move, or worrying about lighting the forest on fire or falling off a cliff.

      Each month you'll receive a Go Outside Theme
      Each Theme Includes: 
      🌞3 no-prep activities to do while you’re outside 🌞A natural journal prompt 🌞An art or sensory project 
      🌞A science or social studies connection for deeper investigation 
      🌞A short book list (fiction and nonfiction) for both younger and older kids
       🌞Plus extras to make each theme feel complete

      Monthly BONUSES Include:
      🌞printable scavenger hunt 
      🌞Virtual caregiver happy/coffee hour with Carrie for community and support

      Go Outside Unit Studies are Perfect For
      🌞 Busy families looking for quick ideas to get outside
      🌞 Homeschooling families who want to engage all the kids at once
      🌞  Parents who need help dragging the kids (or themselves) out
      🌞  Families on school breaks
      🌞 Teachers looking to bring students into nature and nature into the classroom
      Need a little more information?  I’m committed to helping your family get joyfully outside. If you have any questions or want help deciding if this is right for you, email me at

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      Your Go Outside Gal,
      Carrie Paxton Herzberger
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